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Our Teaching Studios are specially designed for individualized private music lessons. Come lounge in our comfortable waiting area while your student is in their lesson.

Lead Instructor, Piano

Anna DeProspero-Smith

Anna DeProspero-Smith, lead instructor for Sterry Piano Company is an appreciated performer in the southeast playing for events ranging from classical, contemporary, classic rock to jazz/fusion genre. Her performing career began at The Hilton Hotel, Gainesville, Florida as the mainline dinner pianist. Relocating to St. Augustine, Florida from 1984-1988 she soloed improvisational works and played with a chamber trio at the St. Augustine Festival of Music, a festival she helped to implement and organize that continues to this day.

Performing as lead pianist at First Baptist Woodstock, Georgia, accompanist at Morningside Baptist Church Orchestra, Columbus, Georgia and pianist/keyboardist for Cascade Hills Praise Band, Columbus Georgia her service is sought as a substitute pianist and accompanist for churches and individuals as her schedule allows. An avid performer, she played in The St. Augustine Players Theater Ragtime ShowMore Than A Man, MBCO play, Emmanuel, CHC play and performs for special events that include business promotions/expos, weddings, receptions and music festivals from coast to coast.

Earning a B.A. in music with emphasis in piano, along with a passion to perform has helped Anna build a teaching studio that has seen up to sixty students at a time. Students under her instruction develop into performing artists, piano teachers and composers. Her reputation as a classically trained performer, teacher and composer stays true to musical structure and form with an emphasis towards improvisation.

Tranquil Transitions, her upcoming solo project, is a fusion of musical influence from great pianists such as Roger Williams, Elton John and Yanni. She was invited as a featured pianist on the Emmanuel CD project, released December 2010. 

Guitar Instructor

David Rogers

David Rogers has been playing guitar for fifteen years and has been teaching guitar for seven years. He graduated from Southeastern University where he studied guitar, voice, and piano. David's principal instrument is the guitar. He has studied classical and jazz guitar and teaches both styles. In addition, David is an experienced electric and steel string guitarist who performs and teaches many styles for each instrument. He also teaches voice, piano, and music theory. David is currently teaching music at Pedro Menendez High School. For more information about music lessons, please contact David Rogers at 904-735-9995.

Clarinet & Saxophone

Steve Marr

Steve began his musical career as a Clarinetist in the U.S. Army Band in 1971. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Michigan State University, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music and a Masters Degree in Music from Southern Illinois University, where he performed in and conducted a variety of Orchestral and Symphonic ensembles. Mr. Marr has taught and directed for twelve years including serving as Adjunct Professor at both Kaskaskia College and Southwestern Illinois College since 2009.

Recently retired, the Marr relocated to St. Augustine. Steve has “a very strong desire and commitment to youth education through music.” He is thrilled to work with St. Johns County youth, public and private music instructors and the homeschool community building a musical legacy as SAYO’s permanent Artistic Director.

Piano Instructor

Rudolfo Diaz

I was born in Santiago, Cuba and there was music in my family. I was exiled to the United States from my native Cuba in 1962. I believe music is the greatest way of communicating and my goal has always been to share my experience and enjoy within the blessing of teaching and learning.

My most influential piano instructors were Irma Isern, Puerto Rico and then Anthony di Bonaventura and Teresa Escandon. They gave their time, patience, expert experience and repertoire. I have been an instructor of piano for over thirty years beginning in Puerto Rico and then the United States from Boston to Miami. I focus on keyboard technique, repertoire, performance habits and theory to best facilitate my student’s knowledge of music and piano playing.

Arrangements of music I have co-orchestrated along with performing as a solo pianist on the East Coast as well as Chamber music ensemble performing. An accomplished lecturer in music ranging from compositions, concert companion and ethno musicological approaches.

Acoustic and Bass Guitar

Dennis Fermin

Dennis Fermin began music instruction at age 16 taking three straight years of private guitar instruction at a local music store in N.Y. He also took guitar courses and a College Level Music Theory course in high school. After high school he enrolled in and graduated from Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California. Dennis has performed with bands that have opened for national rock touring acts in N.Y. He began giving private guitar lessons 16 years ago as a self-employed instructor as well as in local music stores and now has the experience and the knowledge to teach electric and acoustic guitar, bass and drums / percussion. Dennis is renowned locally. As a full-time professional musician he performs under the artist name of Fermin Spanish Guitar. Sterry Piano Company is proud to add Dennis to our list of fine music instructors.

  • Styles Covered, but limited too are:
  • Rock / Pop
  • Blues
  • Spanish Guitar
  • Flamenco / Nuevo Flamenco
  • Light Jazz
  • Improvisation
  • Music Theory
Please contact Dennis Fermin at 829-9844 or directly at: 770-704-8194 for more information and to schedule your first lesson lesson.

Fiddle Instructor

Allen Hood

Allen Hood has been playing Old Time Appalachian style fiddle music for over 30 years. He continues to explore the full range of the Violin, including bluegrass, Irish, regional American and European folk, and contemporary fiddle music. Allen teaches violin / fiddle primarily with a play by ear method, with a secondary focus on music theory and finger-to-note recognition, depending on student interest and ability.

Allen Hood teaches beginner to advanced fiddle, with a background of music theory, intonation, double stops, and bowing styles.

While the emphasis is on southern Appalachian fiddle tunes, interested students can get exposure to regional American, Irish, European, bluegrass or contemporary fiddle styles.

Also Allen has experience teaching special needs students such as the Visually Impaired, or the Blind Student.

Allen Hood was the Official State of Florida Old Time Fiddle Contest champion in 2006 and 2010. He has taught and coached three 1st place contest winners at the state contest and at the Florida Old Time Music Championships in Dade City.


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